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I'm NICOLE, I coach new and expecting parents on how to maintain connection, communication and happiness after the baby

arrives and beyond!

When clients come to me, they're usually feeling...

  • Worried

    Couples feel concern about how their relationship will change after the baby’s arrival (or now that the baby is here), and whether they'll be good parents together.

  • Sleep deprived or anticipating the effects of sleep deprivation

    Couples wonder how their moods will change and how to best communicate and support one another when experiencing disrupted sleep.

  • Uneasy about their communication patterns

    Couples want help addressing disagreements, decision making, setting rituals and boundaries.

That's where I come in.

We all want to feel confident in our relationships and communication, especially when facing the BIG change to becoming parents. 

What if you could have peace of mind?


    Know you have the tools and rituals firmly set to thrive as a couple for years to come.


    Know you will remain best friends and lovers while you co-parent.


    Know you both are in tune with one another while also attuned to your child.

I will help you feel, "WE GOT THIS!"

As a Happy Couple After Baby Coach, I will help you: 

  • Identify Concerns

    We all have a concern or two (or three!) about becoming a mother or father. 

  • Build Communication Skills

    Learn and apply techniques that help you listen and talk more effectively.

  • Create Rituals for Connection

    So the friendship and romance last.

  • Reduce Stress

    Feel supported by your partner and know when to take care of yourself to avoid burn out.

  • Strengthen the Teamwork

    So you'll both feel more confident parenting together.

Meet Your New Coach


I'm a licensed therapist, consultant and coach with over 17 years experience helping parents (and soon to be parents) develop meaningful relationships with each other and their children.


It's my passion.

  • I'm a big sports fan

    Whether it's cheering for my son at little league games or watching professional sports on TV, I love it all.

  • I feel most myself...

    When riding my bike, listening to music or practicing yoga.

  • The old adage is true

    Parenting is the hardest job and the most rewarding.

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